Good news for all advertisers who are in up-to-date with the countless huge changes of iconic search engine, Google.

Google has now all set to roll a red carpet for its advertisers by letting them showcase product as well as the services prices in their mobile text ads by using its new feature known as price extension. This mobile-friendly price extension will surely help in grabbing the attention of more audience in search of various products and services.

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With the new price extension, the advertiser will have the chance to display estimating amount of the products as well as the service underneath mobile text ads. Here the text ads contain different rows and each row will have the name of the product type or service, short description of it as well as the price. And giving a single click on any of these rows will automatically redirect you to the landing page of product or service you have chosen.

An added advantage of this new google update is that users will have the chance to compare their options and finalize the one they are more interested to opt for. In addition to this it was also said that Google has announced its new features in more than ten languages.

As per the sources it was found that Google price extensions will be added to all the AdWords accounts in few days and advertisers can take advantage of it very soon at the ad group level.

Steps to Set Up Price Extension

  • At first the hybrid of structured snippets price extension page will be displayed as:Google rolling out a new Price Extension in Mobile Text Ads


  • Now the advertiser will be given a chance to choose the type extension from the given list
  1. Brands
  2. Events
  3. Locations
  4. Neighborhoods
  5. Product Categories
  6. Product Tiers
  7. Products
  8. Service Categories
  9. Service Tiers


  • Next choose the type of currency and save all the changes

Usually the price extension tab will be displayed as below:

Mobile Text Ads

Google Price Extension Limitations

  • As of now price extension is supporting only English language
  • Supports the currencies of USD, CAN, GBP, EURO, AUD, and NZD.
  • Extensions are supported only in tablet as well as the mobile devices and will display your content and price only when your ad is in position. So, individuals who are in a plan of using this extension has to improve their quality score and ad rank to advertise on mobile devices.
  • Can be set only at the record, campaign or ad group level
  • Need to maintain minimum of three different services or products in the grid to display your ad.

However, this price extension will help you in improving your click-through-rate.

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