Are you aware of Google Penguin 4.0 update? Ever thought why most of our internet marketing companies appreciates Google Penguin updates? Well, we are here to answer your questions on Penguin Update 4.0 as well as its previous updates.

When google has rolled a red carpet for penguin 4.0 on 23rd of September 2016, it has become as its core algorithm that will have great impact on search industry.

But, what does core search algorithm in real time mean and when has google penguin first put forth? Since early 2011, when it has first introduced its devastating update Panda, it’s been trying hard to make internet a best platform for SEO companies and online business owners. So, have come up with Penguin update to frustrate bad SEO practices, that receive many emails and messages like “unnatural links detected” and more.

Now the question that is remaining among many Webmasters and SEO consultants is that how the new update has the impact or influence on websites and SEO.

Top Roles Google Penguin are as Follows

  • Stop spamming SEO web practices that manipulate rankings of search engine results pages.
  • Improve page ranking with proper customer experiences.
  • Boost rankings of websites which have enhanced their crawl ability.
  • See whether the web pages incorporate in extreme industry jargon.
  • Examine the existing content uniqueness and promote those with the appropriate and relevant information.

Is your website penalized by real time penguin? Well, remove bad links from your site to recover from a penalty quickly.

Penguin has a good feature of catching up all the bad things that are not to the google liking. Therefore, to stay ahead of the competitors it’s good to audit all your bad web links and perform regular cleanups wherever required.

Do you think that Google Penguin 4.0 update is good or bad for a website?

Definitely 4.0 is good, as every update of Google is meant for the improvement of its users search engine results pages. And, lately its new update has also shown positive impact by making its users improve their site traffic and ranking in SEPRS if they don’t have any unnatural link warning or bad backlinks to their sites. As per the sources, Penguin 4.0 had its impact on around 3.1% of queries.  So, to make it more beneficial, ensure to monitor your backlink profile to protect your site from Penguin Attack.

Now you might have got clear idea on how to recover from penguin attack, but do you aware of what exactly is this Penguin 4.0, its features and how to benefit from it? Let’s have a look here:

Penguin is a part of Google’s core algorithm, penalizes websites which use black-hat links schemes.

Major updates in Penguin 4.0:

Penguin has now set to run in real, therefore any modifications can be made whenever the affected page gets reindexed or recrawled.

Instead of showing negative impact on whole page it has now set to devalue the spam by altering the ranking of the offending page.

Key Features of Penguin 4.0 

  • It’s now a part of Google’s core algorithm
  • It is now real-time
  • Became more granular
  • Helps to recover from a Google penalty

Stay tuned for more information and updates on Google Penguin.

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