With more and more number of people turning towards the internet as the best means to enhance their business online presence, the significance of SEO as the key process to the success of many modern-day websites on the internet is also increasing steadily. There are no other two ways about it, if any business professional aspires to see their dynamic or visually-rich website on the first page of search engine results page, there is no other option than to invest in Search Engine Optimization.


What is SEOprofiler?

Ranking high in the search engines results can be bit difficult task, so thought of encapsulating on digital marketing tool called SEOprofiler, a ranking tool that is helpful for you to attain high rankings on top search engines like Google, Yahoo and more. In short, it acts as the best means to optimize a website for maximum exposure on the search engines, do great outreach, grab the attention of a more targeted audience and enhance your business performance.

How it works?

Enables you to know about the Google rankings of your competitors, collect and analyze keywords as well as the huge amounts of data of millions of domains.

Why go for SEOprofiler instead of other tools?

With SEOprofiler you get a wide range of cutting-edge tools that are helpful in analysis:

Tools & Features:

  • Ranking Monitor
  • Ranking Intelligence
  • AdWords intelligence
  • Website audit
  • Link analysis
  • Link building
  • Website optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Website monitoring
  • Social media
  • White-label reports

Competitive intelligence

For a business to be successful in the market, he or she must link some websites to their site. In case, you don’t wish to copy or use the back links of your opponents, you can make use of competitive link analysis to find the websites related to your niche.

Now the question is how to find the associated or interrelated blogs or websites or kind of back links that matters a lot to you? Well, have a quick glance on the below given steps to resolve your issue.

To find the related blogs

  • Enter the competitors’ URL in SEOprofiler tool
  • Choose “blog” in “link context” filter

Now you can find all the related blogs of your competitors

Find easy link targets of websites

  • Select the hub finder tool in SEOprofiler that helps to find the sites that link to your competitors
  • Enter your targeted keyword
  • Find the related websites

Backlinks of your competitors

It’s simple, enter any of your competitors’ URL in link profiler and try to open the pages of countries, link contexts or industries in it.

Keyword research

How to find relevant keywords for website pages?

Are the keywords used in your web pages lagging from your competitors? Wish to know the keywords that matters a lot to your competitors? Well, WDF relevant keywords tool of SEOprofiler has the right answer to solve your concern. All you need to do is to:

  • Enter the URL of your competitors in the tool and get all the relevant answers like total frequency of the keywords in the page and more.

Link Building

Link building

It’s a well-known fact that it is very difficult to get good links for a new website. What if you make use of tool that can help you out in easing your process? The starter back links tool of SEOprofiler can help you out in this process.

Here you can come across a collection of useful websites that accept all your site submissions. So, you are recommended to visit every website and have a clear check manually whether your site relates to that category. In general, automated tools just help you in bulk-submission of your websites and get penalized by top search engines, but this advanced tool help you in getting high-quality links that matter a lot.

Local search

Wish to keep track on the locator different city rankings of your web pages on major search engines of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

  • Select ranking monitor tool of SEOprofiler
  • Choose “Add your keywords” button on the “Ranked keywords” page
  • Just enter the keywords that you wish to check
  • Select the county to get all the local suggestions

Mobile rankings

In today’s fast-paced technological world, it’s imperative for every business professional to keep track on the mobile users, as an umpteen number of users today use mobile phones to search for their respective requirements. Thus, to avoid missing of your potential customers, develop a mobile website and get it listed in the Google’s mobile search results.

Today, getting listed in the mobile search results of google is equal to getting listed on mobile.

And to check your web pages’ keyword position in Google’s mobile search results page, use ranking monitor tool of SEOprofiler being used for checking the rankings of your site in a locality. It not only displays the keywords for which you get the high ranking but also about your ranking changes.

Note: Ranking monitor helps to filter your web page rankings by the results type like location, regular, image, local and more.

New in SEOprofiler

A website audit tool is present here to show you the number of links that you can manage in your link manager, staff users who can access your account, keywords you frequently check in your projects, number of pages which get an SEO audit and more.

Press Release

SEOprofiler, the new internet marketing tool has now come up with new white-label SEO reports to help SEO agencies let their clients get admittance to their reports with any OS from any location and device. Remember, the reports that can be accessed have no reference to SEOprofiler and all the potential customers are permitted to use their own custom texts, logos and colors.


Ranking Monitor tool of SEOprofiler will play a key role in cross-checking the position as well as the ranking of your website on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.


Reputation management

Wish to know whether the tweets that you get about your company are positive, negative or neutral? Well, the social network monitor tool is your option that can help you react to your customer queries and comments instantly.

All you need to do is to:

  • Enter the words like relevant keywords, brand name or company names etc. in the search box that you wish to monitor
  • Find all the most updated posts and who is talking about your company and your products
  • Monitor your favorite blogs
  • If required answer to all the comments by clicking on the “reply” link

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is not just about ranking high on the search engine results pages but is also about reaching the targeted customers by providing right information at the right time. Now the question is how to optimize all your web pages to benefit from this? The answer is micro-moments o SEOprofiler, help you in describing diverse types of searches which lead to conversion on your website.

An added advantage of this micro-moments is that it sends targeted audience to your website. For ex: people usually buy tickets or book for a vacation by using different phases and in each phase, they cover different keywords. Thus, a business professional must focus mainly on the targeted keyword list for every phase.

How to get these keyword ideas?

It’s very simple, use Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Spy, WDF Keyword Analyzer, Keyword Difficulty Tool as well as Keyword optimization tools of SEOprofiler to provide best results to your website visitors.

Unethical black-hat SEO

This advanced raking profiler uses all the safe and best optimization methods those being approved by major search engines.

Does SEOprofiler work with websites of other nations?

Yes, of Course. This is an international SEO tools that work with websites of any other nations.

Benefits of SEOprofiler

  • Save time and money in finding the participation of your competitors in social media sites and forums
  • Create your own SEO reports
  • The best social media checker
  • Know how to quickly uncover competitors best keywords
  • See whether your opponents are using paid or unpaid blog reviews
  • From which domains, they are getting the trusted Backlinks
  • Know how to amaze your potential clients with steadfast and swift results and more.

Do you feel the aforesaid given information on the best digital marketing tool as relevant? Wish to gain more information on SEOprofiler or its related topics? Feel free to contact Onlineseotrainer today.

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